The Charming Violet Mermaid Edit

About The Charming Violet Mermaid: Edit

Game Description ~ "With one wink she’ll knock your socks off. Her eyes are her weapons of charm. This isn’t a shrinking violet! She’s redefining the name."


The Charming Violet mermaid is fair skinned with pink lips and pale pink cheek, and her eyes are hazle and hypnotic, like all mermaids eyes. Her hair is inbetween magenta and dark purple, with a low hanging fringe to her left. A dark purple coral tiara is perched atop her head. For an accessorie, she has 4 small yellow pauwa shells with magenta beads attached. Her earrings are yellow with dark purple rims. Her bicinni are dark purple pauwa with bumpy yellow rims, with magenta-purple beads to hold it on, and her tail is dark purple and scaly. (Of course).

Traits: Edit

The Charming Violet Mermaid is a 3 coloured trait mermaid.

Her traits are: Blue, Red and Yellow.

How To Call In The Singing Summit: Edit

Call for the Charming Violet Mermaid using the:

Citrine Mermaid & Fuschia Mermaid

The singing time is 30mins and the Arriving time is 30mins.

Rarity: Edit

Charming Violet Mermaid is common and is quite easy to obtain, it probably will not take long to obtain this mermaid.