The Tropicana Mermaid: Edit

About The Tropicana Mermaid: Edit

Game Description ~ "She’s an expat from Brazilian seas, bringing with her a wealth of new perspectives  Meeting new friends and gathering treasures makes for an irresistible combo."

Traits: Edit

The Tropicana, is a 3 coloured trait mermaid.

Her traits are: Red, Yellow & White

How To Call In The Singing Summit: Edit

Call for the Tropicana Mermaid using the:

Opal Mermaid & Tiger Lily Mermaid (If you have no luck you can try to use different combos to combine her three traits)

The singing time is 6hrs and the Arriving time is 6hrs.

Rarity: Edit

The Tropicana Mermaid is common-uncommon, It is not very hard to get her but it is not easy either, it may take a few tries.