The Twinkle Tail Mermaid: Edit

About The Twinkle Tail Mermaid: Edit

Game Description ~ "Able to render a spark from any organism, she causes twinkles no matter where she goes. The tail fin is key, kicking up light flashes and flickers."

Appearance: The Twinkle Tail Mermaid has fair skin, (slightly tanned), red-pink lips and dark peachy cheeks. Her eyes are mid-blue and hypnotic, (like all mermaids eyes), with semi-thick black lashes and dark brown eyebrows. Her hair is white at the top and ocean-blue at the bottom And has a wild look to it. As accessories, she has yellow starfish in her hair, one on her right and three on her left. She wears 2 ocean-blue starfish as a biccini, held together by golden beads that meat up at her neck on a golden choke necklace. She has a shiny gold star on her left arm. Her tail is pale blue and scaley. (Of course).

Traits: Edit

The Twinkle Tail, is a 3 coloured trait mermaid.

Her traits are: Blue, Yellow & White

How To Call In The Singing Summit: Edit

Call for the Marigold Mermaid using the:

Opal Mermaid & Blue Belle Mermaid (If you have no luck you can try to use different combos to combine her three traits)

The singing time is 6hrs and the Arriving time is 6hrs.

Rarity: Edit

The Twinkle Tail Mermaid is somewhere in between common and uncommon. She will more than likely to take afew tries.